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标题: 韓國 玉川趙氏的 Geno 2.0結果 [打印本页]

作者: goldlips    时间: 2014-6-14 09:44     标题: 韓國 玉川趙氏的 Geno 2.0結果

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his surname is Cho-趙. 本貫(原籍) is 玉川 趙氏.
this is his geno 2.0 result.

父系 : O-CTS2734, O-CTS7620
母係 : N9a1'

His YSTR is  is a typical Korean star cluster(O2b1b1).
this is his Y-DNA SNPs(+)

* Cho's Y-DNA SNPs (+)

CTS10043, CTS10342, CTS10362, CTS109, CTS11358, CTS11575, CTS11726, CTS12020, CTS125, CTS12632, CTS1996, CTS2340, CTS2734,
CTS3431, CTS3536, CTS3654, CTS3662, CTS3771, CTS3868, CTS3996, CTS4234, CTS4364, CTS4368, CTS4443, CTS4740, CTS5222, CTS5288, CTS5318, CTS5457, CTS5532, CTS5858, CTS6135, CTS6383, CTS6601, CTS6800, CTS6803, CTS6907, CTS7620,
CTS7833, CTS7922, CTS7933, CTS7942, CTS8243, CTS8455, CTS8746, CTS8980, CTS9259, CTS9312, CTS9322, CTS9828, F1046, F1132, F1194, F1204, F1209, F1290, F1302, F1320, F1322, F1329, F1368, F138, F1433, F1530, F156, F1592, F1613, F1618, F1658, F1700, F1704, F171, F1714, F175, F1753, F176, F1767, F1787, F1795, F1805, F182, F1879, F1915, F1922, F2048, F2075, F2142, F2155, F2193, F2293, F2402, F2430, F2519, F256, F2587, F2634, F265, F2688, F2710, F2711, F2754, F282, F2823, F2837, F2868, F287, F2885, F292, F2938, F2950, F2953, F2960, F2985, F2993, F3006, F306, F3090, F3110, F3111, F3136, F3147, F3203, F3263, F3326, F3327, F3335, F3356, F3414, F355, F3556, F3566, F3623, F3686, F3692, F380, F3817, F3822, F4083, F415, F429, F435, F465, F468, F478, F494, F516, F53, F537, F540, F546, F549, F600, F614, F650, F658, F668, F704, F719, F75, F855, F897, F899, F957, IMS-JST022454, L101, L132, L15, L16, L350, L468, L470, L498, L682,
M139, M168, M176, M214, M235, M268, M294, M42, M526, M89, M94, P128, P131, P132, P135, P136, P138, P14, P141, P145, P146, P148, P151, P158, P159, P160, P166, P186, P187, P188, P191, P192, P193, P194, P195, P196, P305, P49, Page92, PF1016, PF1029, PF1031, PF1040, PF1046, PF1061, PF1092, PF1097, PF110, PF1203, PF1269, PF1276, PF192, PF210, PF212, PF223, PF234, PF258, PF2591, PF2593, PF2599, PF2608, PF2611, PF2615, PF2624, PF263, PF2643, PF272, PF2745, PF2747, PF2748, PF2749, PF2770, PF278, PF292, PF316, PF325, PF342, PF500, PF667, PF719, PF725, PF779, PF796, PF803, PF815, PF821, PF840, PF844, PF892, PF937, PF951, PF954, PF970, V186, V189, V205, V52, V9

His final SNP is the CTS7620.

This is Comparison that Cho's YSTR and The samples of Major O2b1b's YSTR


    <Analysis by Gisaengchung, Co-manager of Molanthropology Cafe in Korea>

作者: miroki    时间: 2014-6-18 17:42

CTS7620 ~= CTS1175
我是 CTS1175- 所以这是我这型 CTS723* 的下游咯

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