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非洲中西部的R-V88 (附有R1b下游類型在非洲/歐亞大陸的數據)

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Human Y chromosome haplogroup R-V88: a paternal genetic record of early mid Holocene trans-Saharan connections and the spread of Chadic languages

Although human Y chromosomes belonging to haplogroup R1b are quite rare in Africa, being found mainly in Asia and Europe, a group of chromosomes within the paragroup R-P25* are found concentrated in the central-western part of the African continent, where they can be detected at frequencies as high as 95%. Phylogenetic evidence and coalescence time estimates suggest that R-P25* chromosomes (or their phylogenetic ancestor) may have been carried to Africa by an Asia-to-Africa back migration in prehistoric times. Here, we describe six new mutations that define the relationships among the African R-P25* Y chromosomes and between these African chromosomes and earlier reported R-P25 Eurasian sub-lineages. The incorporation of these new mutations into a phylogeny of the R1b haplogroup led to the identification of a new clade (R1b1a or R-V88) encompassing all the African R-P25* and about half of the few European/west Asian R-P25* chromosomes. A worldwide phylogeographic analysis of the R1b haplogroup provided strong support to the Asia-to-Africa back-migration hypothesis. The analysis of the distribution of the R-V88 haplogroup in >1800 males from 69 African populations revealed a striking genetic contiguity between the Chadic-speaking peoples from the central Sahel and several other Afroasiatic-speaking groups from North Africa. The R-V88 coalescence time was estimated at 9200–5600 kya, in the early mid Holocene. We suggest that R-V88 is a paternal genetic record of the proposed mid-Holocene migration of proto-Chadic Afroasiatic speakers through the Central Sahara into the Lake Chad Basin, and geomorphological evidence is consistent with this view.

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ranhaer 发表于 2010-1-8 08:20

OK, 沒問題
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本帖最后由 natsuya 于 2010-1-8 13:38 编辑

重要附件: ... s/ejhg2009231a.html

R1b系統樹已經重組, 非洲中西部之R-V88成為"R1b1a", 上下圖分別為舊/新系統樹:
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原文找到了, 超過500k放不上來, 蘭海, 用email寄給你如何??
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原文附圖: R-V88分布頻率/採樣人群地點
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本帖最后由 natsuya 于 2010-1-8 19:18 编辑

原文附圖: R1b下游類型在非洲/歐亞大陸的數據
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问个问题,早先的命名R1a R1b分别相当于现在的什么了?
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从R-V88的分布頻率, 它在乍得西南的高频,只是晚期漂变的结果.  主要的分布还是在埃及和利比亚边境.
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从R-V88的分布頻率, 它在乍得西南的高频,只是晚期漂变的结果.  主要的分布还是在埃及和利比亚边境.
ranhaer 发表于 2010-1-8 20:14

 楼主| 发表于 2010-1-8 20:42 | 显示全部楼层
问个问题,早先的命名R1a R1b分别相当于现在的什么了?
hercules 发表于 2010-1-8 20:13

本文所說的R-V88, 現在的命名法是R1b1a
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