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Large-Scale Whole-Genome Sequencing of Three Diverse Asian Populations in Singapore.

By whole-genome sequencing of 4,810 Singapore Chinese, Malays, and Indians, we found 98.3 million SNPs and small insertions or deletions, over half of which are novel. Population structure analysis demonstrated great representation of Asian genetic diversity by three ethnicities in Singapore and revealed a Malay-related novel ancestry component. Furthermore, demographic inference suggested that Malays split from Chinese ~24,800 years ago and experienced significant admixture with East Asians ~1,700 years ago, coinciding with the Austronesian expansion.


The accession number for the sequence data reported in this paper is EGA: EGAS00001003875. Further information about the European Genome phenome Archive (EGA), which is hosted by the EBI and CRG, can be found on (Lappalainen et al., 2015).

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