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I would like to ask for your support.
I am a co-administrator of haplogroup Q on the YFull.
My colleagues and I are interested in a deeper study of the distribution of this haplogroup in China.
We are ready to co-finance an in-depth SNP study for some people. Maybe not all (since we spend sponsorship money), but in some order of priorities.
Understanding the requirements of the local legislation, we will use testing only in Chinese companies.
The data will be used in research papers on population genetics on an anonymous basis with the consent of the people.
But I hope that some enthusiast will help me :)
I ask to send messages to people with the following SNPs:
Q2a1a (L245^^) 李
Q2a1a1 (FGC1917/Y2209) 马
Q2a1a1 (FGC1917/Y2209) 柯
Q2a1a1a1c~ (BZ3991) 支
Q2a1a1b (YP740) 廉
Q2a1a1b2~ (BZ880) 杨
Q2a1a2 (YP745) 亚
Q2b (L68.2/PF3781.2/S329.2) 张
Q2b (L68.2/PF3781.2/S329.2) 索
Q2b (L68.2/PF3781.2/S329.2) 从
Q2b3~ (Z36070) 何
If they are interested in a research project, then I will need support in communication.
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