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The Maniq and Mlabri are the only recorded nomadic hunter-gatherer groups in Thailand. Here, we sequenced complete mitochondrial (mt) DNA genomes and ~2.364 Mbp of non-recombining Y chromosome (NRY) to learn more about the origins of these two enigmatic populations. Both groups exhibited low genetic diversity compared to other Thai populations, and contrasting patterns of mtDNA and NRY diversity: there was greater mtDNA diversity in the Maniq than in the Mlabri, while the converse was true for the NRY. We found basal uniparental lineages in the Maniq, namely mtDNA haplogroups M21a, R21 and M17a, and NRY haplogroup K. Overall, the Maniq are genetically similar to other negrito groups in Southeast Asia. By contrast, the Mlabri haplogroups (B5a1b1 for mtDNA and O1b1a1a1b and O1b1a1a1b1a1 for the NRY) are common lineages in Southeast Asian non-negrito groups, and overall the Mlabri are genetically similar to their linguistic relatives (Htin and Khmu) and other groups from northeastern Thailand. In agreement with previous studies of the Mlabri, our results indicate that the Malbri do not directly descend from the indigenous negritos. Instead, they likely have a recent origin (within the past 1,000 years) by an extreme founder event (involving just one maternal and two paternal lineages) from an agricultural group, most likely the Htin or a closely-related group.
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Map of the Mlabri and Maniq sampling locations (stars) and the Thai populations selected for NRY comparisons (comparative mtDNA data are from previous studies33,34). Further details concerning the populations are provided in Tables and . There are four Maniq collection sites; Pabon District (site 1) and Kong-Ra District (site 2), Phatthalung Province; Palien District, Trang Province (site 3); and La-Ngu District, Satul Province (site 4).

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Networks of mtDNA haplogroups: B5a1b1 is found in Mlabri and R21, M21a and M17a are found in Maniq.
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Network of NRY haplogroup O1b1a1a1b (原文是错误的) sequences.
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wolfgang 发表于 2019-3-10 01:09
虽然现在都是狩猎群体,Mlabri和Maniq可能有着完全不同的来源。Maniq属于矮黑人,mt显示与马来西亚的矮黑人 ...

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