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E-M78 (E1b1b1a)和E-M35(E1b1b1)的详细分布及其人类学和法医学应用

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Journal of Genetic Genealogy Volume 5, Number 1, Spring, 2009

Y Haplogroups, Archaeological Cultures and Language Families: A Review of the Possibility of Multidisciplinary Comparisons Using the Case of Haplogroup E-M35

Andrew Lancaster


Archaeology, comparative linguistics and population genetics all have something to add to speculation about early human migrations, and the three disciplines often make reference to each other in broad terms. But, in reality, the results are often disappointingly indecisive. This article explores the case of Y haplogroup E-M35 (E1b1b1), which has so far mainly only been mentioned in a passing way in archaeological and linguistic debate, but which, it shall be shown, shows great promise as more detailed about it's phylogenetic structure, and its regional distribution becomes available each year.

the origin and spread of HG E-M35.JPG
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E1b1b 各支系的分布

E1b1b M215
E1b1b* Rare, but some found in Ethiopia (Cruciani et al., 2004) and Yemen (Cadenas et al.,
E1b1b1 M35 The dominant subgroup of E-M215 (Cruciani et al., 2004).
E1b1b1* Since the discovery of M293 (below) this paraclade appears to be most
common in the Horn of Africa (Semino et al., 2004, Henn et al., 2008).
E1b1b1a M78 Widespread from Egyptian “hub” (Cruciani et al., 2007; Battaglia et al.
2008). See the map in Figure 2.
E1b1b1a* Rare, but found in small amounts over a wide area (Cruciani et al.,
2007, Battaglia et al., 2008).
E1b1b1a1 V12
E1b1b1a1* Widespread from Egyptian “hub” (Cruciani et al.., 2007).
E1b1b1a1a M224 Rare (Underhill et al., 2001; Cruciani et al.,, 2004,
2006; but see also Onofri et al., 2006)
E1b1b1a1b V32 Horn of Africa (Cruciani et al., 2004, 2006, 2007;
Sanchez et al., 2005)
E1b1b1a2 V13, V36 Europe. Most common in parts of the Balkans and Italy,
found throughout Europe, but possibly has a Near Eastern origin
(Cruciani et al., 2004, 2006, 2007, Battaglia et al., 2008)
E1b1b1a3 V22 Widespread from Egyptian “hub” (Cruciani et al., 2007,
Hassan et al., 2008).
E1b1b1a4 V65 Maghreb, for example Libya, Tunisia, Algeria (Cruciani,
2004, 2006, 2007)
E1b1b1a5 M521 Two found in Greece (Battaglia et al. 2008)
E1b1b1b M81 Maghreb, especially Western Sahara, Morocco and Algeria (Arredi et al.,
2004, Cruciani et al. 2004, Luis et al. 2004, Semino et al. 2004, Bosch et al.
E1b1b1c M123 Strikingly scattered: Turkey, Oman, Ethiopia, Northern Portugal,
Kabyle, Jordan, Jewish populations, etc. Probably originated in Levant or Egypt
Cruciani et al. 2004, Flores et al. 2005, Cadenas et al. 2007)
E1b1b1c* Rare (Cruciani et al. 2004, Flores et al. 2005, Cadenas et al. 2007), but
found in Northern Portugal (Flores et al. 2004, Gonçalves et al. 2005).
E1b1b1c1 M34 Dominant in E-M123
E1b1b1d M281 Horn of Africa (Semino et al. 2004)
E1b1b1e V6 Horn of Africa (Cruciani et al. 2004)
E1b1b1f P72 (Karafet et al. 2008)
E1b1b1g M293 Scattered in Eastern and Southern Africa (Henn et al. 2008)
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International Journal of Legal Medicine doi:10.1007/s00414-009-0350-y

Subtyping of Y-chromosomal haplogroup E-M78 (E1b1b1a) by SNP assay and its forensic application

S. Caratti et al.

The continual discovery of new single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) has led to an increased resolution of the Y chromosome phylogeny. Some of these Y-SNPs have shown to be restricted to small geographical regions and therefore may prove useful in the forensic field as tools for the prediction of population of origin of unknown casework samples. Here, we describe a system for the molecular dissection of haplogroup E-M78 (E1b1b1a), consisting of multiplex polymerase chain reaction and minisequencing of M78 and nine population-informative Y-SNPs (M148, M224, V12, V13, V19, V22, V27, V32, V65) in a single reaction. Sensitivity and admixture studies demonstrated that the SNP protocol allows robust genotyping from as little as 50 pg of male DNA, even in the presence of 500-fold amounts of female DNA. In order to evaluate the suitability of E1b1b1a, subhaplogrouping for population-of-origin prediction, the distribution of E-M78 and its derived variants was determined in an Italian population sample (n = 326).

Haplogroup-frequency contour maps of E-M78 (E1b1b1a).JPG
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兰海,我还是想请教以前那个老问题,柏林人当中那么高比例的E3b到底哪来的?有文献考证吗。为什么你3#楼那幅图里整个中西欧的E3b分布都很均衡,而以前那个爱沙尼亚人的文章里的数据却显示德国境内分布得极其不均 ...
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