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SMBE2013: 阿尔泰尼人的基因组, 50x

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Fernando Racimo et al.
We have sequenced the genome of a Neandertal from the Altai mountains in Siberia at 50-fold coverage.

This Neandertal was located in the same cave as the Denisovan individual, but is phylogenetically closer to Neandertals from Western Eurasia. To avoid confusion, we call this individual the Altai Neandertal. Here we show an assessment of genome data quality and functional and population genetic comparisons with the Denisovan genome and a set of 25 high-coverage modern human genomes. We present an analysis of genes with recent changes in either the modern human lineage or the archaic human lineage (Neandertal+Denisova). We find enrichment for nonsynonymous changes in genes associated with melanosomes in the modern human lineage, and genes associated with particular muscoskeletal morphologies in the archaic human lineage. We utilize a compound deleteriousness scoring that allows us to combine a variety of conservation, regulatory and expression data to rank all modern and archaic-specific single-nucleotide changes and InDels across the genome, and predict which are those that could have been most disruptive in our evolutionary history. Furthermore, we overlap the modern-specific catalog with the top regions of a screen for selective sweeps exclusive to the modern human lineage, and observe enrichments for changes in genes related to ion channel activity, muscle contraction and membrane transport. Finally, we note an excess of ancestral alleles in the Denisovan individual relative to the Altai Neandertal individual, which is strongest at sites where modern humans are fixed derived.
We develop an approximate Bayesian computation approach that allows us to test different models, and conclude that gene flow between the Denisovan individual and a more anciently diverged human lineage is most consistent with the patterns observed.
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更牛的是, 這個阿爾泰尼安德特人與上次那個丹人發現於同一個洞穴。
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部分原始人有杀人取骨的坏习惯,尼人是否可以不用人骨做骨器? 很难想象骨器的发展了
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