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5382insC p.s.朱莉是不是因为这个基因把乳腺切了?

On the origin and diffusion of BRCA1 c.5266dupC
(5382insC) in European populations

Age estimates using single markers method
In an attempt to corroborate age estimate results obtained using the maximum
likelihood method described above, we also estimated the time since MCRA
using four markers (D17S1299, D17S1801, D17S951 and D17S1861) analyzed
individually in three populations (Czech/Slovak, Polish and Danes) where we
had the largest number of families with known phase for the markers linked to
the mutation. The single marker method was implemented as described
previously in Greenwood et al.11 The Labuda correction for population-growth
rate was assumed to be 1.5 and applied as previously described. Because this
method does not consider marker mutations, which likely have a significant
role in a region where there is documented recombination suppression such as
BRCA1,9 this method will not be as well-suited to our dataset as the maximum
likelihood method, but can nevertheless serve to test the robustness of our
original estimates.

11、Greenwood CM, Sun S, Veenstra J et al: How old is this mutation? – a study of three Ashkenazi Jewish founder mutations.

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想不到Bioconductor已经发展到2.12版了,了不起。请教老永有没有使用过这种工具啊? 如用过,效果如何?
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