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Phylogeography of the Y-chromosome haplogroup C in northern Eurasia

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  • Boris Malyarchuk1,*,Miroslava Derenko1,Galina Denisova1,Marcin Wozniak2,Tomasz Grzybowski2,Irina Dambueva3,Ilia Zakharov4
[size=1.2em]Article first published online: 20 AUG 2010
[size=1.2em]DOI: 10.1111/j.1469-1809.2010.00601.x

Y-chromosome;haplogroup;STR;South Siberia;Eastern Europe;phylogeography
[size=1.2em]Summary[size=1.2em]To reconstruct the phylogenetic structure of Y-chromosome haplogroup (hg) C in populations of northern Eurasia, we have analyzed the diversity of microsatellite (STR) loci in a total sample of 413 males from 18 ethnic groups of Siberia, Eastern Asia and Eastern Europe. Analysis of SNP markers revealed that all Y-chromosomes studied belong to hg C3 and its subhaplogroups C3c and C3d, although some populations (such as Mongols and Koryaks) demonstrate a relatively high input (more than 30%) of yet unidentified C3* haplotypes. Median joining network analysis of STR haplotypes demonstrates that Y-chromosome gene pools of populations studied are characterized by the presence of DNA clusters originating from a limited number of frequent founder haplotypes. These are subhaplogroup C3d characteristic for Mongolic-speaking populations, “star cluster” in C3* paragroup, and a set of DYS19 duplicated C3c Y-chromosomes. All these DNA clusters show relatively recent coalescent times (less than 3000 years), so it is probable that founder effects, including social selection resulting in high male fertility associated with a limited number of paternal lineages, may explain the observed distribution of hg C3 lineages.

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