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Russians and Ukrainians中的东亚mtDNA--

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Annals of Human Genetics (2001), 65:63-78

Mitochondrial DNA variability in Russians and Ukrainians: Implication to the origin of the Eastern Slavs

"Taking into account the data of Orekhov et al.(1999), one should conclude that the Mongoloid
admixture in Russians appears to be insignifcant (less than 3.0%) and represented by haplogroups
C and Z sequences. The presence of the Saami-specific haplogroup Z, as well as subgroup U5b1
sequences in the mitochondrial gene pool of Russians, we consider as a consequence of local
Finno±Ugric tribes assimilation by Slavs during their movement to the North of eastern Europe.
The presence of Asian-specific components, such as haplogroup C sequences, in the mitochondrial
gene pool of Russians may be explained by their complicated ethnic history, including long-lasting
interactions with Asians. However, in the study of mtDNA sequences only the female
lineages are taken into account, whereas Mongoloid morphological traits in the Russians,
revealed by anthropologists (Alekseeva, 1973), might have been derived from male migrants."

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