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Y Chromosomes in Jews/Palestinians/Lebanese

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Y Chromosomes in Jews/Palestinians/LebaneseGenet Test. 2003 Spring;7(1):67-71.

Y-chromosome DNA haplotypes in Jews: comparisons with Lebanese and Palestinians.
Lucotte G, Mercier G.
International Institute of Anthropology, Paris, France.
One Y-specific DNA polymorphism (p49/Taq I) was studied in 54 Lebanese and 69 Palestinian males, and compared with the results found in 693 Jews from three communities (Oriental, Sephardic, and Ashkenazic). Lebanese, Palestinian, and Sephardic Jews seem to be similar in their Y-haplotype patterns, both with regard to the haplotype distributions and the ancestral haplotype VIII frequencies. The haplotype distribution in Oriental Jews is characterized by a significantly higher frequency of haplotype VIII. These results confirm similarities in the Y-haplotype frequencies in Lebanese, Palestinian, and Sephardic Jewish men, three Near-Eastern populations sharing a common geographic origin.

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