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Science. 2005 May 13;308(5724):996.

Reconstructing the origin of Andaman Islanders.

Thangaraj K, Chaubey G, Kivisild T, Reddy AG, Singh VK, Rasalkar AA, Singh L.
Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad-500 007, India.

Science. 2005 May 13;308(5724):965-6.
Science. 2005 Sep 23;309(5743):1995-7; author reply 1995-7.
Science. 2006 Jan 27;311(5760):470; author reply 470.

The origin of the Andaman "Negrito" and Nicobar "Mongoloid" populations has been ambiguous. Our analyses of complete mitochondrial DNA sequences from Onges and Great Andaman populations revealed two deeply branching clades that share their most recent common ancestor in founder haplogroup M, with lineages spread among India, Africa, East Asia, New Guinea, and Australia. This distribution suggests that these two clades have likely survived in genetic isolation since the initial settlement of the islands during an out-of-Africa migration by anatomically modern humans. In contrast, Nicobarese sequences illustrate a close genetic relationship with populations from Southeast Asia.

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Science. 2005 May 13;308(5724):965-6.

Evolution. Did early humans go north or south?
Forster P, Matsumura S.

McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge, Cambridge CB2 3ER, UK.

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Science. 2005 Sep 23;309(5743):1995-7; author reply 1995-7.

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Science. 2005 May 13;308(5724):1034-6.
Science. 2005 May 13;308(5724):996.
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Comment on "Reconstructing the Origin of Andaman Islanders"
Malliya gounder Palanichamy,1,2 Suraksha Agrawal,3 Yong-Gang Yao,2 Qing-Peng Kong,2 Chang Sun,2 Faisal Khan,3 Tapas Kumar Chaudhuri,4 Ya-Ping Zhang1,2* On the basis of mitochondrial DNA sequence analyses, Thangaraj et al. (Brevia, 13 May 2005, p. 996) proposed that Andaman islanders descended from the first humans to migrate out of Africa. We identified mitochondrial DNA from two northeast Indian Rajbanshi individuals that shares three specific mutations with the M31a lineage observed in the Great Andamanese, which suggests that the predecessor of haplogroup M31 originated on the Indian subcontinent.

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Response to Comment on "Reconstructing the Origin of Andaman Islanders" Kumarasamy Thangaraj,1* Gyaneshwer Chaubey,1,2 Toomas Kivisild,2 Alla G. Reddy,1 Vijay Kumar Singh,1 Avinash A. Rasalkar,1 Lalji Singh1* The mitochondrial DNA coding region substitutions shared by the Andamanese and two Rajbanshi individuals suggests the early split of M31 from some continental Indian mitochondrial DNA lineages at the time depth 11/14 of the age of haplogroup M. This is still consistent with the ancient isolation of these gene pools, albeit not as early as the initial phase of human migration out of Africa.

[size=-1]1 Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad-500 007, India.
2 Estonian Biocenter, Riia 23, Tartu-51010, Estonia. * To whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail: (K.T.); (L.S.)

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