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Phylogeographic Analysis of Mitochondrial DNA in the Nogays: A Strong Mixture of Maternal Lineages from Eastern and Western Eurasia

Analysis of mtDNA markers in a population of the Nogays (n = 206), the people inhabiting the North Caucasus and speaking a Turkic language of the Altaic linguistic family, has revealed a high level of genetic diversity (H = 0.99). The identified haplotypes include all major West Eurasian haplogroups, with the prevalence of H and U clusters (22 and 21%, respectively), but the percentage of lineages specific for East Eurasian populations is the highest (40%). Some other mtDNA variants in the Nogay population belong to the M1 haplogroups typical of northeastern Africa and U2 characteristic of Indian populations. Thus, components of different origin have contributed to the gene pool of Nogays.

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