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朝鲜人中Y-SNP单倍群与Prostate Cancer没有直接关联

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Lack of Association between Y-Chromosomal Haplogroups and Prostate Cancer in the Korean Population

Wook Kim,1* Tag-Keun Yoo,2 Sung-Joo Kim,3 Dong-Jik Shin,4 Chris Tyler-Smith,5 Han-Jun Jin,1 Kyoung-Don Kwak,1 Eun-Tak Kim,6 and Yoon-Sun Bae4

The Y chromosome has recently been suggested to have an association with prostate cancer risk in human populations. Since this chromosome is haploid and lacks recombination over most of its length, haplotypes constructed from binary markers throughout the chromosome can be used for association studies. To assess the possible Y-chromosomal contribution to prostate cancer risk, we have therefore analyzed 14 Y-chromosomal binary markers in 106 prostate cancer cases and 110 controls from the Korean population. In contrast to previous findings in the Japanese population, no statistically significant difference in the distribution of Y-chromosomal haplogroup frequencies was observed between the case and control groups of Koreans. Thus, our data imply that the previously reported associations between Y-chromosomal lineages and a predisposition to, or protection against, prostate cancer might be explained by statistical fluctuations, or by genetic effects that are seen only in some environments.

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