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C3c下一个STR cluster在中国北方和蒙古国的扩散-源自觉昌安?

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Recent Spread of a Y-Chromosomal Lineage in Northern China and Mongolia

Yali Xue 薛雅丽,1,2,3 Tatiana Zerjal,1,3 Weidong Bao,3,4 Suling Zhu,3,4 Si-Keun Lim,1,* Qunfang Shu,4 Jiujin Xu,4 Ruofu Du,4 Songbin Fu,2 Pu Li,2 Huanming Yang,4 and Chris Tyler-Smith1,3

We have identified a Y-chromosomal lineage that is unusually frequent in northeastern China and Mongolia, in which a haplotype cluster defined by 15 Y short tandem repeats was carried by 3.3% of the males sampled from East Asia. The most recent common ancestor of this lineage lived 590 ± 340 years ago (mean ± SD), and it was detected in Mongolians and six Chinese minority populations. We suggest that the lineage was spread by Qing Dynasty (16441912) nobility, who were a privileged elite sharing patrilineal descent from Giocangga (died 1582), the grandfather of Manchu leader Nurhaci, and whose documented members formed 0.4% of the minority population by the end of the dynasty.

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