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Mitochondrial DNA and Y-Chromosome Variation in the Caucasus

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Mitochondrial DNA and Y-Chromosome Variation in the Caucasus
I. Nasidze1,∗, E. Y. S. Ling1,2, D. Quinque1, I. Dupanloup3, R. Cordaux1, S. Rychkov4, O. Naumova4,
O. Zhukova4, N. Sarraf-Zadegan5, G. A. Naderi5, S. Asgary5, S. Sardas6, D. D. Farhud7, T. Sarkisian8,
C. Asadov9, A. Kerimov 9 and M. Stoneking1

We have analyzed mtDNA HVI sequences and Y chromosome haplogroups based on 11 binary markers in 371
individuals, from 11 populations in the Caucasus and the neighbouring countries of Turkey and Iran. Y chromosome
haplogroup diversity in the Caucasus was almost as high as in Central Asia and the Near East, and significantly
higher than in Europe. More than 27% of the variance in Y-haplogroups can be attributed to differences between
populations, whereas mtDNA showed much lower heterogeneity between populations (less then 5%), suggesting a
strong influence of patrilocal social structure. Several groups from the highland region of the Caucasus exhibited low
diversity and high differentiation for either or both genetic systems, reflecting enhanced genetic drift in these small,
isolated populations. Overall, the Caucasus groups showed greater similarity with West Asian than with European
groups for both genetic systems, although this similarity was much more pronounced for the Y chromosome than
for mtDNA, suggesting that male-mediated migrations from West Asia have influenced the genetic structure of
Caucasus populations.

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