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美洲土著母系奠基者单倍群增加: C1d

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Genome Research  Published in Advance June 29, 2010, doi:  10.1101/gr.109231.110

The initial peopling of the Americas: A growing number of founding mitochondrial genomes from Beringia

AbstractPan-American mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) haplogroup C1 has been recently subdivided into three branches, two of which (C1b and C1c) are characterized by ages and geographical distributions that are indicative of an early arrival from Beringia with Paleo-Indians. In contrast, the estimated ages of C1d—the third subset of C1—looked too young to fit the above scenario. To define the origin of this enigmatic C1 branch, we completely sequenced 63 C1d mitochondrial genomes from a wide range of geographically diverse, mixed, and indigenous American populations. The revised phylogeny not only brings the age of C1d within the range of that of its two sister clades, but reveals that there were two C1d founder genomes for Paleo-Indians. Thus, the recognized maternal founding lineages of Native Americans are at least 15, indicating that the overall number of Beringian or Asian founder mitochondrial genomes will probably increase extensively when all Native American haplogroups reach the same level of phylogenetic and genomic resolution as obtained here for C1d.

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美洲土著母系奠基者单倍群 C1, 被分成C1a,C1c,C1d。 前两者的年代(~15ky)与之前的推测相似。但C1d的年代只有7.6–9.7 ky (Perego et al. 2009).    虽然基于自己的数据的年代确实很小,Perego 坚信一次起源说,因此经过更大规模的采样和筛选,终于找到更多的样本,结果测得整个 C1d的年代为 18.7ky.

MtDNA tree encompassing the roots of all known Native.jpg
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D4h3a這個單倍群以前比較少見到, 大多分布在墨西哥和南美洲。
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父系也是A B C 123, 母系也是ABC 123, CPU 也是 ABC123  ,  音乐也是ABC 123

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