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韓國 高靈申氏的 Geno 2.0結果

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父系 : O-CTS10145
母係 : D4a1

My paternal/Maternal origin

MtDNA matches from Geno2.0

YDNA matches from Geno2.0

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in addition attach my FTDNA stuffs


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父系 : O-CTS10145
母係 : D4a1

My paternal/Maternal origin

MtDNA matches from Geno2.0

YDNA matches from Geno2.0

badmonkeyfinger 发表于 2014-1-24 10:37

What is interesting is, Gunjia, who's on the top of your maternal origin match list, also appears in my list (CTS2734). That is to say, his maternal origin matches yours, while his paternal origin matches mine. (Could that make us very distant cousins? LOL) What a coincidence!

badmonkeyfinger 发表于 2014-1-24 14:34

3# miroki

thank you so much lol

I could get his photo from Line, but his reply doesn't back yet.

will attach photo over g-mail.

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my contrasting results for important downstreams of 47z
CTS10145+ CTS10341+ CTS10674+ CTS1102+ CTS713+ CTS7776+ CTS8032+(47z=O2b1a eq.)
CTS6725- CTS8034- CTS10682-(CTS56=O2b1a1a eq.)
CTS8771-(CTS8771=O2b1a2a1 eq.)

now only two things needed to done my Y.
K14(O2b1a1) & CTS6622(O2b1a3) test.

expecting I am belong to K14.

ucoupak 发表于 2014-8-17 17:51

2# badmonkeyfinger
If u don't mind ,tell us ur family name ,plz

ucoupak 发表于 2014-8-17 17:59

6# ucoupak oh,sorry.i missed the first post
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